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     Tek Meridian System Solution Corporation is leading a way of synthesizing product distribution, instrument researching and development, and technical service since 2005. We focus on marine, remote sensing, geophysics and environment industry. Tek Meridian has bu
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Demonstration and Training Workshop
       In appreciation for the long-term c  more>>
2018-06-07 Beijing Tek Meridian 6th
2018-06-07 Perfect Ending of Para So
2018-06-07 Tek Meridian attended 201
2018-06-07 48 Changshan channel surv
2018-06-07 Tek Meridian attended Oce
Photo Gallery
SeaBat T50-P
The SeaBat T50-P is the new additio
Saab Seaeye
Saab Seaeye manufactures electric p
Pixel Factory?
The power of an industrial solution
Street Factory?
Advanced 3D urban mapping solution
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Tek Meridian (Headquarters)
Tel: +86-10-68437107   
Fax: +86-10-68728663 
Email: [email protected] 
P.C.: 100089  
Address:7th Floor, jiahuiYuan, Epoch Center,  
No.4 Beiwa Road,  Hai Dian District, Beijing, China

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